Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Things go well. I spent yesterday on foot, tracking a pack of babboons across Zulu country. In fact, I've been on foot quite a bit in the last week, hiking around in the Drakensberg. The place is truly spectacular, with 1000 meter cliffs to stumble off if you miss a step, deep sandstone gorges to explore, and views that are just a bit too scenic for my tastes.
Before that was Durban, and a few days of surfing in the warm water and sunshine.

Now I'm in Pretoria, sequestered in a compound surrounded by razor-wire and an electric fence. They take their security seriously down here. This is a good neighborhood, which means that I get to walk around in the daylight. In Jo'burg, you are strongly discouraged from leaving the hostel for any reason.

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